People who are dangerously obese are always under the threat of developing various diseases. Getting treated for obesity is essential for a healthier body and life. In the US, bariatric surgery has become a very popular alternative for people who are unable to get rid of significant weight even after following healthy diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery insurance, comes as part of schemes of various insurance providing companies.

What is Bariatric Surgery?
In the bariatric weight loss surgery, the anatomy of the digestive system is changed in such a way that the stomach size gets restricted and there is decreased absorption of nutrients. This causes reduced intake of food and low digestive abilities. This surgery is performed through laparoscopy or various other types of surgery options.

Bariatric Surgery Insurance Coverage
Insurance providers usually provide health insurance coverage to people who wish to undergo bariatric surgery The bariatric insurance surgery cost range from US$18,000 up to US$30,000. The insurance scheme covers various costs under their plans, viz.

  • Pre-operational lab tests
  • X-ray fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospital facility
  • Surgeons’ fee
  • Length and type of operational procedures
  • Recovery period and costs incurred

Besides these costs, some post operational procedures that are mainly concerned with recovery and healing of the patients are also included. This may include, but is not restricted to dietary plans, fitness regimes, nutritional supplements and other necessary parameters.

Getting the Insurance Approved
Getting the approval of an insurance company for your bariatric surgery is one of the most significant step in the process of getting your surgery done effectively and without any worries. Generally, insurance companies are willing to pay for your weight loss surgery as they know the value of these surgeries, and that it’s generally a one time investment.

For instance, if you develop complications due to your obesity, the medications and treatments may be much higher than what it is required for a one time surgery. And unfortunately, if these medications continue for lifetime, the treatment costs would be mind-boggling.

During the last two decades, people opting for bariatric surgery have increased tremendously. At present, bariatric surgery costs near about US$25,000 to US$30,000. But you have to make efforts so that your insurance firm is not able to say ‘NO’ to you. Here is some information that insurance companies ask for, in what they call, letter of medical necessity, from your surgeon. These are necessary requirements for bariatric surgery that must be addressed to insurance firms through your surgeon.

  • Details of height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Past treatments about your obesity problems or any complications that resulted due to obesity. Well drafted documents and letters from your doctor is always appreciated.
  • Your efforts for dieting, eating regimes and programs you were registered under for getting health benefits, should be properly produced in written form.
  • Information about exercising habits, receipts and membership cards of your gym.
  • Psychiatric history involving any treatments of mental trauma or depression treatments.

Although side effects associated with bariatric surgery are quite less, it’s in the best interest of a person to consult a doctor and discuss all the possibilities before going for the surgery.